"WOMEN ON THE LAND - HAVE YOUR SAY'' (DPI Rural Resilience Program)

Approximately 80 rural ladies from far and wide gathered at the Casino Clydesdale Motel and Steakhouse for the recent DPI (free) luncheon seminar. Gathered ladies were inspired by a local Cane Grower guest speaker and generously participated in open conversations that discussed organisational and coping mechanisms with regard to preparing for all hazards that affect our local rural industries.

During a delicious summer themed lunch, the women attendees discussed the challenges they and their families have to face when tackling rural disasters, whether it be fire, flood or drought. From the ladies informative and extensive input the DPI are planning to formulate helpful preparedness literature to assist farming families organise before, during and after activities when confronted with a natural disaster.

Attentive rural lady audience at the recent DPI Free Ladies Luncheon

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